Lemförder Transmission Mount 44053 01

Part Number: 44053 01

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Fitting PositionRear

OE Part Numbers

Mercedes-Benz166 240 06 18
Mercedes-BenzA 166 240 06 18


The Lemförder Transmission Mount 44053 01 is a pinnacle of automotive engineering, designed to enhance your vehicle’s drivetrain stability and longevity. Manufactured by Lemförder, a leader in automotive parts, this transmission mount is specifically crafted for a rear fitting position, ensuring a precise and secure installation.

Built to absorb and dampen the vibrations and shocks from the transmission, it significantly improves the ride comfort and protects the transmission from stress and potential damage. The mount’s durable construction and high-quality materials ensure a long-lasting, reliable performance. Ideal for both repairs and upgrades, the Lemförder Transmission Mount 44053 01 is an excellent choice for anyone seeking to maintain their vehicle’s transmission in top condition, ensuring a smooth and quiet driving experience.

Compatible Vehicles

VehicleBuild DateEngineEngine ModelNotes
GL 350 CDI / BlueTec 4-matic (166.823, 166.824)07-2012 to 10-20153.0L Diesel (190 kw)OM 642.826
M-CLASS (W166)
VehicleBuild DateEngineEngine ModelNotes
ML 250 CDI / BlueTEC 4-matic (166.004, 166.003)06-2011 to 12-20152.1L Diesel (150 kw)OM 651.960
ML 350 BlueTEC 4-matic (166.024, 166.023)06-2011 to 02-20153.0L Diesel (190 kw)OM 642.826, OM 642.864
ML 63 AMG 4-matic (166.074)11-2011 to 02-20155.5L Petrol Engine (386 kw)M 157.982
ML 63 AMG 4-matic (166.074)11-2011 to 02-20155.5L Petrol Engine (410 kw)M 157.982