ATE Plastilube Brake Lubricant 03.9902-1002.2

Part Number: 03.9902-1002.2
ATE Brakes

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Optimize your vehicle’s brake performance with ATE Plastilube Brake Lubricant (03.9902-1002.2). This specially formulated lubricant is designed to reduce brake noise, prevent seizing, and protect against corrosion. Ideal for caliper guide surfaces, pins, and under the head of bolts, it ensures smooth operation and extends the life of brake components. ATE’s Plastilube is compatible with all brake system materials and is resistant to high temperatures, making it a reliable choice for both professional mechanics and DIY enthusiasts. Keep your brakes functioning smoothly and quietly with ATE Plastilube, a staple for any brake maintenance or repair.


Chemical PropertiesCFC-free
Packing TypeTube
Quantity UnitMillilitre
Contents [ml]75